Rates & Terms

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Normal Working Hours


Monday - Friday
7:30 am – 5.00 pm

Plumber: $80 per hour.

Drainlayer: $80 per hour.
Gasfitter: $90 per hour.
Exl GST.

Minimum 1 hour charge.

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After Hours


Monday - Friday

5:00 pm – 7:30 am

  & Weekends 

Call out fee $150 including first hour of labour.

After first hour: 

Plumber $120 per hour.

Drainlayer $120 per hour.

 Gasfitter $130 per hour. Exl GST.

Minimum 1 hour charge.


Daily Travel Charge

$30 per day


This covers vehicle running costs such as WOF, registration, servicing, insurances, fuel.

This does not include the time our staff spend travelling to or from your job. 

When Does The 'Clock' Start?

Our qualified staff begin working for you when they arrive at the plumbing suppliers to purchase the materials needed to complete your job.


If they are coming straight from our workshop then the timer starts when they leave the workshop to head to your job.